The Tag Place offers a variety of durable aluminum tags and labels, solid metal tags can be ordered blank, stamped, etched, engraved or screened. Aluminum tags are the most economical solution if you need solid metal tags and are one of our top selling products. Custom or blank aluminum tags are available in two thicknesses, .050 and .025, 18 gauge aluminum thickness. Most of our tags can be numbered, with or without holes, with or without rounded corners. Some of our aluminum tags are considered write on tags, dead soft tags that can be written on and indented permanently. Our popular self-adhesive aluminum labels can be ordered blank or custom imprinted, numbered or round cornered.
We offer a variety of shapes, some are available in several sizes and materials including brass, aluminum, colored aluminum and stainless steel for various identification purposes. We offer round metal tags which are often called valve tags or tool check tags. We also offer square tags as well as many different sizes in rectangle metal tags. Our custom aluminum tags can also come in a several different colors, red, green, blue, gold, purple and orange. Other shapes such as heart, dog bone, house, bells, flowers, and many shapes are available in economical colored aluminum metal tags.
These custom or metal blanks have a variety of uses, the round tags are often called valve tags or tool check tags for their diverse use in identification of valves, tools, machinery, equipment, etc. They can also be used on utility or power poles for identification purposes. We have a wide variety of the most popular styles of metal blanks in stock for immediate shipment. Another variety of aluminum blanks are our flexible write on tree tags. These tags can be written on with ballpoint pen for a permanent indention. Many people use our metal tags for stamping specific part or other identification numbers with hand stamps. Our self-adhesive aluminum tags are used as Property ID tags by many companies. Contact the Tag Place at 1-888-278-0188 for more information.

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