• What is the processing time for my order to be shipped out?

    Most orders are shipped out within 24 hours. Most products are in stock but some items may be drop shipped from manufacture directly to you to eliminate freight costs.

  • Is it difficult to create custom tags?

    No, custom tags are very simple actually, call our toll-free number for a quote and to be sure specifications are correct, our representative will walk you through the process. If you don't have artwork already created, our graphic team will create artwork for you. A proof will be generated and sent to you prior to printing the tags.

  • Does the Tag Place offer distributor pricing?

    Yes, to our customers who are buying for resale, we have a distributor policy, call for details.

  • Do Write on Tags indent into the tag?

    Yes, the write on tags are constructed of two soft aluminum sheets laminated to a durable tagboard. When you write or imprint on these tags, the imprint is permanently indented into the tag.

  • How do I choose which material will be best for my application:

    Contact our sales specialists at 1-888-278-0188, our customer service reps will be happy to discuss options we can offer you.

  • If I paint over Write on Tags, will the writing still be legible?

    Yes, if the tags are painted on or the writing or ink has faded or washed away, what was previously written on the tags will still be legible.

  • Are there additional stamping set up charges for my metal tag orders?

    Typically the set up charges are already included in the tag prices but some orders may require an additional set up charge, call our toll free number to discuss your order.

  • Can my company be set up with payment terms?

    Yes, with approved credit your company may be set up with Payment Terms of Net 30 days. Call for details.

  • When ordering Cremation tags, should I order Stainless or Aluminum?

    If you are including the tag inside the crematory, stainless tags are recommended.

  • Why would I order etched tags instead of economical stamped tags?

    Etched tags are typically a better option if you have random numbering or very small quantities.

  • What type of marker should I use for a permanent image on tyvek tags?

    We recommend Nissen Paint Markers, they won't fade, chip or rub off.